sábado, 12 de diciembre de 2015


Dear baby Jesus:

This Christmas as we celebrate to remember your birth in the grotto of Bethlehem, I realize that it has been over forty years since I wrote to you. Time has passed as a puff out of breath since that last time I did, and I apologize for not having continued to write to you. With the passage of time I realized that it was my parents the ones that accommodate near my bed the toys I was asking you for; just as I did with my children and now they do it with my grandchildren. I have no reproach; on the contrary, I am filled with joy by the web of illusions that I experienced waiting for your arrival.

Also, baby Jesus, with the passage of time, as I got a bit older, I used to party hard with my friends waiting for your arrival; I don't have to tell you, because you know and this was the  reason that I forgot to attend “La Misa de Gallo” (the Midnight Mass) or run home to embrace my parents; who are now by you side looking out for you baby Jesus;  I miss them so  much and for this reason I also ask for forgiveness, although I know you are seeing these tears I shed. But life is hard; you know better than I, because you suffered in the flesh when you were crucified for wanting to build a better world for us all.

Today, in our time, we are still being crucified in different ways; it was not enough with crucifying you, they turned it into a tradition, an evil tradition. You should see baby Jesus, the shopping malls, the propaganda on television and the promotional advertisements of consumerism that they make utilizing your name, only to stuff their bank accounts, without regards of anything else. They have no eyes, they can't see, they are blinded by greed and desire for power. I will not continue telling you, you know; I better get down to the nitty-gritty and express my wishes. You're miraculous and I know you can make anything a reality.

1.       Bring me a new breath of life so I can see my grandchildren grow up strong and happy; I ask you to bring it in a health package box. I'm going to leave the windows of my house open; you can enter without any difficulty, because they have no gates. What I ask you also goes on behalf of my wife, remember her knee.

2.      Light the way for my children. They are all grown up, I have given them all the advice you can imagine, but sometimes they ignore it. One day they will realize and say: "my dad was right", but meanwhile I commend them to you. Please enter their Home as well, do not forget them.

3.      On your tour, I ask that you to spray my surroundings, my backyard, Nueva Guinea,  the Caribbean coast and the entire Nicaragua with a good dosage of Concordia, so that it can germinate love in all the hearts and the longing to do good for others.

4.      Cover the fields full of flower; gently blow on the farmer’s seed so we have crops in abundance.

5.       Calm the waters and stop the storms so that fishermen have a good catch.

6.      I ask you to let fall those bright little stars; which like Estela accompany you on the heads of most of the politicians in our country, so you can enlighten their brain and they do not continue to commit the screw-ups that they commit every day, hurting these hard working folks in our country who deserve a better future.

Now I am eager for you to come and get this letter, I will leave it for you under my pillow, so you can find it easily. I will also send a copy to all my friends to dare them to write to you as well.

Good night, my dear baby Jesus.

Ronald Hill A.
La Colina
Nueva Guinea, RACCS.
Nicaragua, Nicaraguita.
Saturday, 12/12/2015

Ps: Baby Jesus, if you think that there are too many wishes, I ask that you attempt the first five; the last one, we are going to resolve it here, sooner rather than later.