sábado, 16 de agosto de 2014


She has to go explaining to the entire world
what her profession is about.
Hates the SPA’s, the lady who rubs and Mr. Chon Mico,
the chiropractor, herbalists and masseurs.
She can’t stand the mention of witches or Obeah man.
Crosses herself when she hears the indians chiefs
Caramansoy and Intirrayni on the radio, and
never ever, ever,
will work with any of these rare specimens.

Always has a good story to tell,
she knows anatomy and every body part.
Is sexy in uniform and has
very interesting tools at her clinic.
She has enchanting eyes,
one “good note” way to speak,
and, after she blinks her eyes, make you feel
in the arms of trust.

But are her hands,
smooth and firm,
which relieved with her skills,
almost, almost all ills, that others avoid.
She rehabilitates members like no one,
improving a good quality of life.
If it’s necessary, provides home care
and adapts orthopedic appliances and prosthesis for you.

It's her, Vilma, my physical therapist.
A thousand thanks for seeing me
with that special touch
during the last three weeks.
Congratulations on your day!